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Nethersole Institute of Continuing Holistic Health Education (NICHE)

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Clinical Pastoral Education Training Programme (CPE)

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Nethersole Institute of Continuing Holistic Health Education (NICHE)

Research & Publication

Research: NICHE is engaging with various evidence-based holistic health practices and involving with various stakeholders in developing relevant holistic health studies.


Publication: All publications can be ordered via the form or email to NICHE:; some can be viewed electronically.

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1. 全人健康心靈系列 (Holistic Health & Spirituality Series)

全人健康心靈系列(一) 靈性、宗教及全人健康《超越臨界狀況》

全人健康心靈系列(二) 靈性、宗教及全人健康《超越災困》



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2. 全人關顧系列  (Holistic Care Series)

全人關顧系列(一)《漫畫篇 》(此書已斷版)


全人關顧系列(三)《我想改變 才會有變 — 跨過痛苦的日子 慢性痛患者的故事》



全人關顧系列(六)《全人關顧個案實錄》 下載索取此書之表格


Research Articles:

  • A Randomized Control Study on the Effectiveness of Holistic Health Practice Program on a Group of Baccalaureate Nursing Students
    Wong WF, Luk LA, (2020) The open nursing journal, 14, 56-63.
  • Healthcare Professional Experiences of Clinical Incident in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study
    Leung Andrew Luk, Fung Kam Iris Lee, et al. (2021) Dove Press journal: Risk Management and Healthcare Policy :14 947–957
    Full Article
  • Are Hospital Chaplains Under Stress in Hong Kong? Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study
    Leung Andrew Luk. (2019). Religions, 10, 325; DOI: 10.3390/rel10050325 (Full article)
  • 急症醫院臨床護士保持工作熱誠的探討。
    陸亮(2018)澳門護理雜誌,第17卷,第2期。DOI:10.6729/MJN.201812_17(2).001 (全文)
  • Assessment of a Leadership Enhancement Program for Nursing Managers of An Acute General Hospital in Hong Kong.
    Leung Andrew Luk (2018). The Open Nursing Journal, 2018, 12, 133-141 (Full article)
  • 實踐全人關顧的困難及克服方法之探討。
    陸亮,董慧貞 (2018)護理學,7(2):61-70. DOI: 10.12677/.2018.72012 (全文)
  • Experiences of Public Doctors on Managing Work Difficulties and Maintaining Professional enthusiasm in acute general hospitals: a Qualitative study
    Andrew Leung Luk and Adrian Fai To Yau (2018). Frontiers in Public Health, March 2018, Volume 6, Article 19 (Full article)
  • 臨床護士對全人關顧的看法。
    陸亮、董慧貞 (2017)。護理學,6(4), 115-124。 (全文)
  • Holistic Health Status Questionnaire: developing a measure from a Hong Kong Chinese population.
    Chan Choi-wan, Frances Wong Kam-yuet, Yeung Siu-ming, & Fok Sum (2016) (Full article)
  • 腫瘤科專業人員之臨床體驗:如何跨越工作困境。
    霍心,陸亮(2015) 澳門護理雜誌2015年第14卷第2 期 (全文)
  • Assessment of spirituality in the Hong Kong Chinese chronically renal failure patients and nurses: Development of an instrument and interventions
    Esther Mok
  • The Healthy Lifestyles of Enrolled Nurse Students of Two Nursing Schools in Hong Kong.
    Luk Leung, Fok Sum & Wong Wai-shun. (2014). Macau Journal of Nursing, 13(1), 30-34, 20. (Full article)
  • 香港登記護士學生對健康心靈的認知。
    霍心‧陸亮 (2013)。澳門護理雜誌,第12卷,第1期,30-34頁。(全文)
  • The effects of a transitional care programme using holistic care interventions for Chinese stroke survivors and their care providers: A randomized controlled trial.
    Yeung Siu-ming. (2012) (Abstract)
  • Holistic concerns of Chinese Stroke survivors during hospitalization and in transition to home.
    Yeung Siu-ming, Wong Kam-yuet, & Esther Mok. (2011). Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(11), 2394 - 2405. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2011.05673.x (Abstract)
  • 腦卒中患者整體護理中靈性需求的探討。
    黃金月,楊笑明 (2010)。中國護理管理,第10卷,第10期,27-30頁。DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-1756.2010.10.010 (摘要)
  • Position Statement on Spirituality.
    Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital. (2005). (Summary and Full article)

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