Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home (ANNH)

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home (ANNH)


Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home (ANNH)


Commencing service in early May 1999, located at 2/F – 7/F of the Kowloon Bay Health Centre, and with a floor area of 8,070 square meters, the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home (ANNH) is providing 238 government-subvented beds, and long-term medical, nursing care and residence to those needed senior citizens at the age of 65 or above.


Inheriting the Nethersole culture of “Caring with Compassionate Love”, we are committed to the provision of “Holistic Care” with the Love of Christ, so that elders can enjoy a meaningful and dignified life.

Core Values

  • To focus on elders’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects in providing “Holistic Care”.
  • All staff work closely to enhance “Team Spirit” for the benefit of elders and to provide “Quality Service” with a caring attitude.
  • Through “Continuous Learning” and “Evidence Base Approach” we are able to add new elements to our service for “Continuous Improvement”.


  • To provide a warm home to elders for a healthy and enjoyable life;
  • To provide holistic care by closely monitoring personal health, and formulate individualized rehabilitation exercises to enhance better quality of life;
  • To foster friendship amongst elders, and to provide them with health education, counselling services as well as recreational activities;
  • To respect elders’ individual freedom and privacy;
  • To facilitate communication and mutual support amongst elders, relative and the Home;
  • To provide spiritual care for elders and to support them with peace, joyfulness, eternal life and hope for the enjoyment of enriched lives;
  • To facilitate residents who have advanced-stage disease or incurable disease to pass away peacefully and comfortably with their family members and friends in a familiar and warm environment; and
  • To promote a “Care for the Carer” culture, which is conducive to the fostering of team spirit and the delivery of “Care with Compassionate Love”.


  • Senior citizens aged 65 or above
  • Requiring regular medical and nursing care, without communicable diseases
  • Mentally fit for communal living and having no persistent tendency to violence, or disruptive behavior

Types of Residential places

  • Long-term residential placement: assessed by the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for elderly services under the Social Welfare Department (SWD)
  • Emergency placement: referred by Social Worker, with the needs of temporary or short-term residential care service

Admission and Withdrawal Procedure

Application of admission can be made via Social Welfare Department’s Family Service Centre or via referral of Social Workers of Non-governmental Organizations. If a resident needs to request for withdrawal, they must notify our Home in writing one month in advance.


Monthly fees as per the guidelines set forth by the Social Welfare Department (excluding personal medical and miscellaneous expenses).

Visiting Hours

8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
(Visitors are required to comply with infection control measures as instructed by our staff)


  • Buses
    • Bus No: 5D、15A、107、108、224X、641 (stop at Wan Chiu Road)
    • All buses passing Kwun Tong Road (stop at Kai Yip Estate, then walk about 5-10 minutes)
  • Mini-buses
    • No. 46, 51M, 56 and 87 to Richland Gardens

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