Board of Governors

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Charity Foundation

  • Mr. John K.H. LI, MH, AE
  • Mr. Wilson Y.S. MOK
Honorary Treasurer
  • Mr. Derek M.F. CHAN
Honorary Legal Advisor
  • Mr. Herman H.C. TSOI
Honorary Governors
  • Mr. Roland K.C. CHOW
  • Dr. George H.C. HUNG
  • Ms. Siu-wah KO, SBS, OBE, JP (Rest in Peace)
  • Canon Fook-hing LI, OBE
  • Mrs. June LI
  • Rev. Dr. Ping-kwong LI, SBS
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Y.P. SOO, JP
  • Prof. Sheung-wai TAM, GBS, OBE, JP
  • Bishop Rev. Ben C.W. CHANG
  • Ms. Michelle Y.W. CHOW
  • Dr. Simon S.H. FUNG
  • The Revd. Canon Peter Douglas H.M. KOON, BBS, OStJ
  • Prof. Simon S.M. KWAN
  • Mr. Roger C.W. LEE
  • The Revd. Augusta L.N. LEUNG
  • Dr. Pamela M.K. LEUNG, BBS, JP
  • Mr. Herman H.C. TSOI
  • Rev. Ka-fai WONG
Ex-officio Governors
  • Dr. Chi-yin MAN (Medical Governor)
  • Ms. Gigi S.C. FUNG (Nursing Governor)
  • Ms. Esther Y.K. LAW (Administrative Governor)
  • Ms. Esther Y.K. LAW
  • Mr. Terence W.M. CHAM
  • Dr. Raymond C.I. CHEN
  • Mr. Ben T.P. HUI
  • Ms. Asenla M.K. HUNG
  • Mr. Coody C.P. KO
  • Dr. Iris F.K. LEE
  • Ms. Winnie W.K. LEE
  • Ms. Vivian Y.M. LEUNG
  • Ms. Julie S.N. LI
  • Dr. Che-chung LUK, JP
  • Ms. Esther S.F. MOK
  • Mr. Eric S.K. TANG
  • Dr. Kam-tim TOM